Information and skills to help free us from our genetic, social and subconscious programming

The Four Gifts

We want happily ever after, but our DNA has other plans.  It pursues its goal of maximizing genetic diversity by manipulating our neurochemistry and thus how we feel about our partners.  To regain control your romantic destiny, you’ll need to understand the three phases every relationship goes through, the neurochemistry associated with each phase and the counter-intuitive actions we need to outwit our DNA and get to our own Happily Ever After.

An Invitation to Kingship

DNA programs 95% of males to follow but only 5% to lead. This has evolved because it is the most effective ratio for pack animal dynamics.  If you didn’t have a powerful and evolved male role model growing up, or you are a single woman tasked with raising boys to men, this book will teach you the linguistics, body language and social behaviors of the evolved masculine dynamic. Transcend your genetic programming and step into your role as a King… and raise Kings of your own.

Purifying the Five Elements

Do you have thoughts, feelings and beliefs… or do they have you?  Ancient seers taught that the universe, from the subatomic to the psychological, could be understood as manifestations of five cosmic forces…the Five Elements.  When our Elements are out of balance, we experience them as uncomfortable emotions.  Our mind’s attempts to make sense of these emotions becomes our mental chatter (narratives).  Unchallenged narratives become our subconscious beliefs, affecting our lives from a place beyond our awareness.  This third book in the series uses the Five Elements as a teaching tool to help you examine and evolve any unproductive narratives, emotions and beliefs you may wish to work on.

Graduating Earth

Thanks to the modern medical resuscitation techniques, near death experiences (NDEs) are becoming more and more common.  The facts that reports on the nature of the afterlife are nearly identical (regardless of the age, gender, religion or culture) and that they take place in the absence of brain waves (when no conscious experience should be possible) lend credibility to this phenomena.  NDEs teach that Earth is a kind of school, and that once we have mastered this realm, heaven awaits us.  Graduating Earth suggests three simple but powerful practices to cultivate based on NDE reports to help us both in this life… and the next.

Where have all the smiles gone?

Join Daisy as her friend Chase shows her how to transform her anger, fear, guilt, attachment and hopelessness into courage, mindfulness, service, preference and empowerment.  While this book is written to help children deal with the emotional coercions used to pressure them to wear masks, it is hoped that the lessons learned will serve them throughout their lives.  If you would like a more complete understanding of the techniques and principles this book is based on, consider reading Purification of the Five Elements.

Note: Over time, these books have evolved.  If you read and enjoyed earlier versions, you may find new and useful material in the latest versions.  To know which version you have, look at the download link.  The version number will be listed after the letter V.