Information and skills to help free us from our genetic, social and subconscious programming

The Four Gifts

DNA doesn’t want monogamy.  It codes us for genetic diversity, achieving its goal by controlling our neurochemistry and thus how we feel about our partners.  To regain control your romantic destiny, you’ll need to understand the three phases every relationship goes through, the neurochemistry associated with each phase and the counter-intuitive actions we need to outwit our DNA and get to our own Happily Ever After.

An Invitation to Kingship

DNA programs 95% of males to follow but only 5% to lead. This has evolved because it is the most effective ratio for pack animal dynamics.  If you didn’t have a powerful and evolved male role model growing up, or are a single woman tasked with raising boys to men, this book will teach you the linguistics, body language and social behaviors of the leaders of men. Transcend your genetic programming and step into your role as a King… and raise Kings of your own.

Purifying the Five Elements

Do you have thoughts and feelings or do they have you?  We cycle through five psychological states every hour like clockwork.  I call these the Five Elements. When Elements are out of balance, they are experienced as uncomfortable emotions.  Our mind’s attempts to make sense of these emotions become our thoughts.  Seeking to change our external environment to become content (balanced emotions) and peaceful (balanced mind) only goes so far.  Only when we can recognize these Elements and work on them directly can we become truly free.